Betty Williams to be buried in Weatherfield?

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  • 13 April 2012
Betty Driver

Betty Driver

'Coronation Street' residents are to plead with Betty Williams' son, Gordon Clegg, to get her buried in Weatherfield

'Coronation Street' residents are to plead with Betty Williams' son to get her buried in Weatherfield.

Her son, Gordon Clegg, will arrive in the street to deliver the bad news of the his mother - who was written out last year after the tragic passing of Betty Driver, who played her - and his plans to have her buried near his home in London are met with some protest from her friends in Weatherfield.

Bill Kenwright, who plays Gordon, said: "Gordon's bowled over by the reaction. He's already decided to bury her in London so he can be close to her. But he realises that it now might be a bit selfish after he sees how people react. Weatherfield was Betty's home, and she'd want to stay there forever."

Gordon also has a few surprises up his sleeve, in the form of several letters written by Betty to her friends, who he gathers in the Rover's Return pub to read them out.

He added: "Betty has left several letters herself, which he has to read out. There's also one for Sean [Tully, barman], which is sealed and private. I won't give away what it says, but Sean's elated."

The biggest shock of all will come when it turns out the pub was bequeathed to longstanding barmaid Betty in 1984, by former landlady Annie Walker, which could mean Gordon is the legal heir and put current landlady Stella (Michelle Collins) in a precarious position.

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