Central Station: Rosemary Head

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  • 16 April 2012
Central Station: Rosemary Head

Dundee-based sculptor of clay

Now based at Tin Roof Arts Collective in Dundee, Rosemary Head moved to Scotland from Derbyshire to attend Dundee University, where she studied art, philosophy and contemporary practices. Inspired by the interdisciplinary focus of this course, and having spent several years exploring different media, she found herself drawn inexorably to working with clay, a passion she pursued despite the university having no ceramics program. Rosemary’s work usually employs the techniques of hand building and smoke firing. She uses oxides to influence the colouration created in the firings, while allowing the fire to determine the final outcome and look of each piece. This is a time-consuming, meticulous process that creates tactile and seductively meditative pieces. Rosemary invites people to engage with her work through touch and imagination as well as sight. Having graduated in 2011, she is currently producing new work in which she continues to experiment with surface, form and smoke-firing techniques.

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