Playwright Martin Travers on Roman Bridge

Playwright Martin Travers on new work Roman Bridge

Blipfoto/Stewart Riddick; Tonto McDuff; Glen Lyon Bridge

Travers' first full-length play was completed with the aid of the National Theatre of Scotland

The initial inspiration for Roman Bridge was the fact that rural Scotland is peppered with old stone bridges. Loads are called the Roman bridge but not many of them are. I like that, things seeming to be one thing and turning out to be something else. And I was trying to find a place to set a whole play in real time. An old bridge has lots going for it. Bridges are a place between places and are loaded with meaning and potential threat.

The writing attachment with NTS was a godsend. I was able to take long walks in the snow and empty my head of the bits and bobs of everyday nonsense. I got up really early and wrote in the dark and went out for a couple of hours at first light; trudging through the white trees around the frozen Clyde put the characters and the things they endure into a solid perspective. The end was never satisfying enough before the attachment – I think it is now. I hope the audience agrees!

Are their plans to mount a full production? I hope so. That’s for NTS to decide. The more people that make the effort to see the play will probably help to influence that decision …

I’ve always got ideas for a new play. I’m thinking about one that revolves around a planned bare-knuckle fight. A big cast. It might be called Square Go. But the funny thing is plays evolve as they are developed so it might end up being a monologue about cross-stitch and puff pastry.

Roman Bridge (rehearsed reading), Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 2–Sat 12 May. Part of Reveal 2012.

Roman Bridge

Craw leads Catherine back to the ancient bridge where she abandoned her son years before, in this new play about sacrifice and survival in another Scotland.

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