Kasabian want to be like Radiohead

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  • 11 April 2012

Tom Meighan

Kasabian want to keep reinventing themselves "like Radiohead," with every album they make

Kasabian want to keep reinventing themselves "like Radiohead."

The 'Days Are Forgotten' group look up to their peers and they way they have evolved their sound on every album and use it as a guide for their own career.

Singer Tom Meighan said: "We always try to reinvent ourselves in the way that a band like Radiohead would do. Or we come at things from another angle."

Tom added the band - completed by Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews and Jay Mehler - wanted to try more simple songwriting on their latest album 'Velociraptor!', after the psychedelic edge of their third album

'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum'.

He added to Buzzinemusic.com: "'West Ryder' was our concept record. We were gonna make our crazy, psychedelia record, which it was, with all these crazy songs in it and then 'Velociraptor!' was back to normal, 'back-to-basic' songwriting. Good songwriting, good pop songs."

Tom said his favourite track on the album is 'Days Are Forgotten', saying: "For me, when we did that, I thought, 'Yeah. This is it. This is the boy. This is the baby here!'"


The lairy indie combo have headlined T in the Park and Glastonbury with their tried-and-tested piledriving electro-rock anthems.

Custom House Square, Belfast

Mon 20 Aug



Indie visionaries who grew to become a global prog-rock phenomenon.

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