Doctor Who bosses need 30 'real' Daleks

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  • 10 April 2012
Steven Moffat

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat

'Doctor Who' producers need 30 "real" Daleks to battle the Time Lord in a new episode and are searching for as many different generations of the metal-encased aliens as they can

'Doctor Who' producers need 30 "real" Daleks to battle the Time Lord in a new episode.

The Doctor's most famous foes are returning to try to exterminate their nemesis in Series 7 and rather than use CGI versions of the metal-encased aliens bosses want Daleks that have featured in the BBC sci-fi show before.

Executive producer Caroline Skinner has confirmed several generations of the monsters are required, saying: "We're collecting every Dalek known to man, it's going to be great."

One Dalek that has already been drafted in to fight Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith is one called Russell T. Davies, which belongs to the programme's former showrunner of the same name and the man responsible for bringing 'Doctor Who' back to TV screens in 2005.

Skinner confirmed Davies' personal Dalek would feature, tweeting: "Russell T Davies' Dalek has arrived on set - I'm talking her through her part! (sic)"

Bosses have enquired about using a Dalek that last featured in the show 40 years ago in the 1972 adventure 'Day of the Daleks' opposite Third Doctor John Pertwee which is now owned by The Sun newspaper.

It was previously revealed that every generation of Dalek from the last five decades would be returning for the episode after the iconic characters were given a rest in Series 6 by head writer Steven Moffat.

Moffat said: "We have every kind of Dalek coming back. Just wait and see."

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