The Rolling Stones heading back to studio

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  • 10 April 2012
Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood

The Rolling Stones are heading into the studio later this month, guitarist Ronnie Wood has confirmed

The Rolling Stones are heading into the studio later this month.

Guitarist Ronnie Wood said the group - which also includes singer Sir Mick Jagger, lead guitarist Keith Richards and drummer Charlie Watts - will be meeting up to "throw some ideas around," ahead of a planned celebration of the group's 50th anniversary next year.

Talking about preparations for the band to play again, he said: "It's like working out for the Olympics or something. You've got to go into training. So we're going to go into training."

Keith has previously said the band are not likely to play any live dates in 2012, but could possibly be joined in the studio by original bass player Bill Wyman.

He said: "We're back in touch, which is great, because I hadn't really spoken to him for years."

When asked if Bill would rejoin the band, he added: "I think he's up for it. We talked about it. I'll let you know when I can."

Bill first sat in on practices held in London last December, his first since leaving the group in 1992.

Of that rehearsal, Keith said: "It was a very back-to-basics sort of session. There was a lot of jamming. On the third day, Mick turned up, which was a real joy."

The Rolling Stones

The legendary rockers, fronted by Mick Jagger, perform their recognisable hits from across the decades including Satisfaction, Paint It Black and Brown Sugar, as well as some surprises thrown in for good measure. Special guests in London on their No Filter tour include Liam Gallagher on Tuesday and Florence + The Machine…

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