Madonna hires five decoys for tour

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 April 2012


Madonna has hired five lookalikes to help protect her on tour

Madonna is hiring five decoys to protect her on tour.

The '4 Minutes' hitmaker has reportedly come up with the plan to allow her to move around in private during her forthcoming concert series, which kicks off in May, and is confident it will fool onlookers.

A source said: "It was her own idea - and she conceived it both for protection and to stay private while enjoying down time.

"On tour, the 'clone quintet' will be sent out ahead of her to act as diversions when she exits hotels, restaurants, concert halls, or any public venues. Madonna is concerned about safety in foreign countries and doesn't want to be victimised by speeding paparazzi chasing her. It's a brilliant decoy plan and she's betting it will work."

Madonna herself is giving the five decoys lessons to perfect their mannerisms in order to make the plan work as smoothly as possible.

The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: "Five ladies will be made up to look like dead ringers, and Madonna's personally giving them lessons right now on how to walk, talk and act like her."


The multi-million selling American singer-songwriter, actress, director and entrepreneur performs pop in support of her album MDNA.

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