Keith Lemon recruits Cilla Black

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  • 6 April 2012
Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon has recruited Cilla Black to be the first celebrity helper on his new show 'LemonAid'

Keith Lemon has recruited Cilla Black to appear on his new show 'LemonAid'.

Comedy host Keith says he will have a different celebrity helper on every episode of the new show - where he makes people's wishes come true, much like cult 80s TV show 'Jim'll Fix It', starring the late Sir Jimmy Savile - starting with former 'Blind Date' star Cilla.

Keith - a character played by comedian Leigh Francis - told The Sun newspaper: "A lot of people have likened it to the modern-day 'Jim'll Fix It'.

"Each week I have a different celebrity helper. In the first week it's Cilla Black. That was nice to meet a TV veteran.

"I was a bit starstruck. Holly Willoughby - a team captain on the show - told me to treat her like a queen and she'll be lovely.

"She is nothing but a queen so I treated her like one and she was lovely. We got on really well."

Keith also explained how the show works, and said he can't wait to start helping people out.

He added: "Someone might have a half-built porch on their house and I'll pull in some of my builder friends and get it finished for them.

"And I'll take them on holiday while it's being done. Plus, because I've paid for it, I'm going on the holiday with them."

'LemonAid' starts tomorrow (07.04.12) at 6.15pm on ITV1.

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