Jarvis Cocker 'worried' about Pulp reunion

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  • 5 April 2012
Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker was "super worried" people wouldn't care about Pulp's reunion last year, which saw them play a string of festival shows

Jarvis Cocker was "super worried" people wouldn't care about Pulp's reunion.

The 'Disco 2000' hitmakers played a string of comeback shows last year following a nine-year split and the singer was delighted by the positive reception they received.

He said: "I was super worried. You may have spent your life doing something, but that doesn't necessarily mean anyone else is bothered.

"So it was nice that people were bothered when we decided to play some shows.

"And the fact it wasn't all bald heads when we looked out was nice as well. Some reasonably young people came to see us."

Though Jarvis is unsure whether Pulp will release any new material, he admits he is always coming up with ideas for songs.

He added to Shortlist magazine: "It took us long enough to relearn the old songs so we'll have to see about [releasing new material].

"But I've got ideas. I keep my little notebook. I've always got that with me. Hopefully there's more stuff than nonsense in there."

Pulp are currently preparing for a US tour and Jarvis, 48, is working hard to be as fit as possible after struggling recently on stage.

He said: "I'm trying to get healthy for it. We did two songs at the NME Awards recently and I was tired after that so I realized I needed to do some exercise.

"I decided that although I'm the more mature performer, I still want to move about a bit so I've been to the gym a couple of times."

Jarvis Cocker

The national treasure that is the ex-Pulp frontman brings his solo wares to Scotland..

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