Michael Copp fired from The Apprentice

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  • 5 April 2012
Michael Copp

Michael Copp

Michael Copp became the third contestant fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (03.04.12). and he has slammed project manger Katie Wright's sly "tactics" as the reason he was given the boot from the BBC One show

Michael Copp became the third contestant fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (03.04.12).

The businessman slammed project manager Katie Wright's decision to appoint him as head of sub-team for Phoenix even though he was suffering from gastric flu during the task.

The team created a Mediterranean-style ketchup as part of the task to design a new condiment, but Lord Alan Sugar gave Michael the boot from the BBC One show because he felt the 31-year-old managing direct had failed to sell enough of the product.

Michael exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I was sort of expecting to be brought back into the board room. Everyone knew I was one of the weaker ones in terms of my health and I think it was a tactical move from Katie to put me with Azhar and Tom and make me head up the sub-team.

"I wasn't in the best of health during the task because I had gastric flu, but I soldiered on. I didn't moan about it, I didn't even mention it at all in the board room. The way I saw it I just had to solider on and get on with it. It did take my mind off the task a bit, it was harder to focus."

Michael believes either Katie or Ricky Martin, who was also brought back into the boardroom, should have been fired instead of him, and he regrets being "too honest" and not "fighting his corner" well enough in his attempts to convince Lord Sugar to keep him in the process.

He added: "I don't think Lord Sugar was right to fire me. It just goes to show someone like Lord Sugar still makes wrong business decisions in firing the wrong person.

"I think the reason for my firing was I didn't fight my corner well enough. I'm not that type of person to dressing things up, I'm the type of bloke who tells it how it is and unfortunately I don't think I fought well enough. Had I have done that then maybe I would have got a second chance. So I regret not fighting my corner.

"I'm not great at trying to bend the truth. I think sometimes I'm a little bit too honest."

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