Alan Carr dirty dances for Prince Harry

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 April 2012
Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Alan Carr performed a dirty dance for Prince Harry during a wild night out in London with David Beckham, Gok Wan and Katherine Jenkins

Alan Carr performed a dirty dance for Prince Harry during a wild night out in London.

The bespectacled 'Chatty Man' host - who was taught how to do the 'Dutty Wine', a suggestive dance in which a girl "bumps and grinds" against a bloke, by pop princess Rihanna on his show two years ago - made a beeline for the 27-year-old royal during a night at the exclusive Arts Club in London's Mayfair.

While Harry was partying with football legend David Beckham, Alan was on a night out with his boyfriend Paul, fashion guru Gok Wan and Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins when they were beckoned over to the group and the carnage commenced.

However, Harry - who is currently single - had to protest, "I'm not gay!" when Alan's boyfriend jokingly accused him of trying it on with him.

Alan told The Sun newspaper: "I was hammered. My boyfriend Paul said I was doing it proper - hand on the floor and everything.

"Harry said to me, 'Where are your glasses?' Paul went, 'Leave my boyfriend alone' and Harry went, 'I'm not gay!'"

Despite his drunken antics, the camp comic admitted he woke up grinning like "the Cheshire Cat" following his wild night out with the party-loving prince.

He added: "What a lovely bloke. That's what for me being a celebrity should be like. The next day I woke up and I was like the Cheshire Cat. I didn't give David a dance - I was on with royalty!"


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