Tim Deluxe

Tim Deluxe

O lucky man

His tracks have ripped up dancefloors the world over, but it was a last minute fill-in slot that gave Tim Deluxe his big break, as he tells Sandra Marron

‘Diversion is all about good music at good prices, and getting down to some seriously good tuneage in a proper party atmosphere. We state our music policy as “dirty house and twisted electro”, but we’re not afraid to try something new or a bit different.’ Elliott Castro, one of the trio of promoters behind Diversion, explains the philosophy behind this new monthly party at the Classic Grand.

Along with Chris and Hamish, whom Castro had been playing with at the Basement nights, this month brings the third outing of the trio as residents playing alongside some top notch guests. The opening night played host to laptop musical wizard Cagedbaby, while this month Tim Deluxe takes to the stage after a much talked about set at this year’s Rock Ness festival.

Mr Deluxe has just returned to the UK after playing at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. He’s also been in Ibiza, Holland, Scotland, Malta and Barcelona this summer, plus a few more he says he can’t remember.

Deluxe grew up in London, and at the beginning of his teenage years bagged himself a job in Islington’s Time Is Right records. Among his famous customers at the time was CJ Mackintosh. Meeting Mackintosh, as well as perfecting his mixing skills in the shop, led to him playing Ministry of Sound before his 18th birthday.

Deluxe fills in the blanks: ‘I passed a mix tape onto Mackintosh’s girlfriend and promoter at the time. I was going to get a date in the bar but then a phonecall came saying tonight is the night and it’s not the bar, it’s the main room.’

In actuality Deluxe had to fill in for CJ at the last minute. So how does a young boy feel when he has to play his first gig in front of thousands? ‘It was very nervewracking as I hadn’t played before on a Urei Mixer and with decks that were on springs. The DJ booth was like a spaceship to me but once I got on and did a few OK mixes my confidence went up and I started to settle in.’

Deluxe also has his own label Ice Cream Records, which was instrumental in the speed garage movement of the mid-90s. He has also done countless remixes for people including Kylie, Robert Miles, Black Grape and Ultra Nate as well as bootlegs for The White Stripes and Coldplay. His own tracks, such as ‘RIP Groove’ and his 2002 stormer ‘It Just Won’t Do’ have ripped up dancefloors the world over; the latter even earned him ‘Best Ibiza Anthem’ at the 2002 Muzik Awards. He is also getting ready to release his album Ego Death this year in the UK. Not bad for a man that hasn’t yet reached his 30th birthday.

The Deluxe sound is a varied one, and because of his use of different styles and influences people often find it hard to classify him, which is something he rather likes. ‘Too many people in this industry want to pigeon-hole people. That’s why I like to keep it moving. At the moment I guess I’m playing a bit more underground, ranging from tech-house, electro, deep house, bits of minimal whatever turns me on.’

Tim Deluxe, Diversion, Classic Grand, Glasgow Sat 18 Aug.


Dirty South join Elliot Castro and Dirty Basement.

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