Steg G & the Freestyle Master - CD review (3 stars)

Steg G & the Freestyle Master

Natural Selection (Powercut)


Regional hip hop is a natural progression from a style that was so specific to the streets of New York where Kool Herc originated it in the 70s. That said, it’s still a bit of a stretch to get your head around the concept of Glaswegian hip hop.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term West Coast, Glasgow’s Steg G makes tough, bass-heavy tracks which echo the classic 80s style as much as the Brit-centric concerns of grime, for example. This transatlantic flavour is generally well-judged, although the relentless tough-guy Glasgow gansta stance can get a bit overpowering. The best moments include the conscious social comment of ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ and the self-explanatory ‘Schemes’, which features one great reference to ‘99 problems, and one of them is soap bar’.

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