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  • The List
  • 16 August 2007

• Marie Phillips - Gods Behaving Badly Aphrodite is a phone sex operator while Apollo peddles a living as a TV psychic. Only their cleaner Alice can help save these fallen Greek gods. Jonathan Cape.

• Adrian Hyland - Diamond Dove Set in central Australia and featuring a half-Aboriginal investigator Emily Tempest, this is being dubbed ‘Alexander McCall Smith meets dreamtime.’ Quercus.

• Dalia Sofer - The September of Shiraz A wealthy Jewish businessman has been arrested in 1979 Iran, accused of spying. His wife and children know life now will never be the same. Picador.

• Paul Vlitos - Welcome to the Working Week Aimed at fans of David Nicholls and The Office, this comedy introduces us to Martin Sergeant, a man who is hopeless in love and has been caught indulging in improper use of email at work. Orion.

• Min Jin Lee - Free Food for Millionaires A novel of class, race and cultural clash set against the backdrop of New York’s Korean community. Hutchinson.

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