Paul Weller's early mid-life crisis

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  • 2 April 2012
Paul Weller

Paul Weller

Paul Weller's track, 'That Dangerous Age', isn't about himself, because he already had his mid-life crisis in his thirties

Paul Weller had his mid-life crisis in his thirties.

The 53-year-old singer - who married backing singer Hannah Andrews, 25, last year - laughs off suggestions his latest single, 'That Dangerous Age', is about his own circumstance, because he claims he's already been through it all when he was younger.

He said: "'That Dangerous Age' is a character study about a guy who's in mid-life, who's got a good job and is dissatisfied and regrets all the things he's never done.

"But it's certainly not about me. I had my mid-life crisis when I was in my thirties."

"I suppose the song's theme is born out of when me and Hannah first got together. Because of our age difference, people really took an interest in it, saying I must be having a mid-life crisis. But we just fell in love and that's it."

Paul doesn't think about his age and thinks as long as you enjoy music it doesn't matter what age you are.

He added: "I'm of the opinion, once you've been touched by music then age doesn't matter. What are you supposed to do, put away your records and clothes when you get to a certain age?

"My mum is 71 and she still listens to the records she's always listened to."

Paul's latest album 'Sonik Kicks' is out now.

Paul Weller

The Modfather performs material from his 40-year career, including his latest album A Kind Revolution.

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