Spiritualized, 02 ABC, Glasgow, Thu 22 Mar (4 stars)

Spiritualized, 02 ABC, Glasgow, Thu 22 Mar

Uplifting psychedelic set from the 90s acid-indie icons

The sonic delights of indie starlets, Spiritualized receive a heroes welcome tonight, showcasing tracks from their new album Sweet Heart Sweet Light. The band also delve into their extensive back-catalogue, providing life affirming moments from their classic album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. Jason Pierce and co perform against a backdrop of blurry kaleidoscopic visuals, in a psychedelic swirl of black and white images. Joined by obligatory female backing singers, their angelic gospel harmonies fight to be heard amongst the band's cacophony of 90s psychedelia. The uplifting sense of melody provide a hypnotic and reassuring warmth; the kind that has kept fans hooked over their two decades' long, and counting, career.

While Pierce muses on existential themes and religious allegory with lyrics such as, 'Jesus Christ look what you've gone and done / 2000 years lookin' down the barrel of a gun', his band provide a blend of garage space rock that relentlessly drives from one song to the next. These are often met with the complexity of prog-influenced jams that build with a dynamic intensity. From the quiet ambient tones of vibrato tinged keys to the wailing feedback and wah-wah soaked slide guitar that pulses throughout, at times this can seem a bit self-indulgent. Despite this, the band never seem to lose sight of their audience and often claw their way back to provide a careful resolve that makes the constant transit and mind-blowing orchestration a rewarding listen. After playing an epic two-hour set that saw many of the faithful in tow reliving a misspent acid-soaked youth, one couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the creative dynasty of 90s indie.

Spiritualized- Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Moles Studio Mix 7)

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