Take Me Out star speaks of date hell

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  • 29 March 2012
Paddy McGuinness with his wife Christine Martin

Host Paddy McGuinness with wife

Axed 'Take Me Out' star Hannah Reville admits her date with shamed Jarvis Walters was a nightmare, claiming he was "arrogant, immature and rude"

Axed 'Take Me Out' star Hannah Reville admits her date with shamed Jarvis Walters was a nightmare.

The 25-year-old beauty was picked by Jarvis during last week's show, and the pair were flown out to Cyprus, where they spent four days together on their date.

However, viewers didn't see Hannah get picked because producers decided to axe them after it was revealed Jarvis had a criminal conviction and Hannah has now spoken about how awful their time was together.

Hannah - who has also been dropped from the rest of the series - told The Sun newspaper: "Five minutes into meeting him I didn't get a friendly vibe from him. He was arrogant, immature and rude. He got really angry about the activity we did on our date, which was a massage. He also got p**sed off about the food we had which he refused to eat. He was really rude and I felt really awkward.

"He had a row with a producer and told him to f**k off then stormed off. He then got into an argument with a girl on another date after he insulted her. Everyone was shocked by his behaviour."

Jarvis had failed to tell them about his criminal record during filming in November and was allowed to go away with Hannah on their prize date.

However,after producers did enhanced background checks, it was revealed he had a conviction for assault so they removed the couple from the show.

A spokesman for the ITV1 dating show, which is hosted by Paddy McGuinness, said: "During the application process we ask contestants to declare any convictions, and background checks are carried out.

"Jarvis did not declare a conviction. It came to light after our extensive review of procedures."

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