How to become a lomographer

How to become a lomographer

Six quick steps to becoming a hipster snap artist

Follow the rules

The 10 Golden Rules set down at provide some helpful guidelines in regards to stylish snapping. They are:

● Take your camera everywhere you go
● Use it anytime – day and night
● Lomography is not an interference with your life, but part of it
● Try the shot from the hip
● Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
● Don’t think
● Be fast
● You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
● Afterwards either
● Don’t worry about any rules

Buy the gear

Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh and Fat Buddha in Glasgow both sell hipsteriffic Lomo gear including chunky Diana cameras, flashes and accessories. For development purposes, students at the ECA favour Trump, while in Glasgow, Express Imaging is your best bet.

Take the Class

As you might expect, the ECA and GSA both run classes on non-digital photography skills and techniques, as well as related topics like darkroom developing and printing. The clubs mentioned below are also good for offering essential advice and guidance to newbies.

Join the club

In Glasgow, the Queen’s Park Camera Club operates out of Southside and meets on the second Monday of the month at their place next to Queen’s Park. The Edinburgh LoFi Photography Group meet at Spoon Café every first Monday of the month.

Be inspired

In Glasgow, Street Level Photoworks host regular exhibitions of international photographers’ work (at the moment, it’s Chinese artists Chi Peng and Wang Fu Chun), as well as classes to encourage budding snappers. Stills does much the same on the east coast, home as it is to Scotland's Centre for Photography. It’s most recent exhibitions were based around US photographers Allan Sekula and Richard Williams.

Show the world

Sign up for an account at Blipfoto and share your newfound artistic talents with the world. If you’re an official photography degree student or graduate, you’re also eligible to enter for the Jill Todd Photographic Award competition, which launches this year with a theme of ‘kin’.

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