Benidorm's Sheila Reid in 20-minute fake tan sessions

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  • 28 March 2012
Sheila Reid

Sheila Reid

Sheila Reid spends 20 minutes a day having fake tan applied for her role in 'Benidorm', meaning she's not allowed to jump in the pool for fear of it resembling a "terrible pond in a muddy field"

Sheila Reid spends 20 minutes a day having fake tan applied for her role in 'Benidorm'.

The 74-year-old actress - who plays cantankerous granny Madge Harvey in the ITV1 comedy series - has her sun-kissed look topped up every day, meaning she's never allowed to jump in the pool because it would look like a "terrible pond in a muddy field".

She said: "I would frighten the horses if there was more than one person spraying me with fake tan. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes every morning to put it on. They top it up every day.

"I'm the only one who has never been in the pool because if I dived in it would look like some terrible pond in a muddy field."

Sheila believes there is "every chance" 'Benidorm' - which first aired in 2007 - will return for a sixth series next year as the current season has attracted "fantastic" viewing figures.

She explained: "The figures this year have been fantastic so I think there is every chance we will do another series."

The current season features Madge - who became a widow when her husband Mel Harvey (Geoffrey Hutchings) passed away - about to tie the knot to her new boyfriend Mohammed (Dhaffer L'Abidine), but Sheila doesn't believe her alter-ego is truly in love with her fiance.

Speaking on ITV1's 'This Morning', she added: "Mohammed is extraordinarily handsome. He's a very nice man. But I don't think it's love.

"Madge loves to be admired as we know. And he follows on from Mel's tradition of treating her like a princess."

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