The Other Side (3 stars)

The Other Side

Jason Aaron & Cameron Stewart



Traditionally, comics that deal in war have been of the GI Joe/Commando camp, revelling in the glory of battle and the heroics of the average man on the frontline. The Other Side, on the other hand, deals with the Vietnam War and the moral ambiguity associated with this convoluted conflict which draws obvious parallels with the current military catastrophe in Iraq.

Following a young GI and a young VC as they both head out paths to war which have as many similarities as contrasts with Jason Aaron painting the Vietnamese soldiers with more dignity and justification than the mentally unstable Americans. However, the ‘war is hell’ and ‘we’re all human on the inside’ story has been told so many times, that it can’t help but feel like a re-run. Its heart is in the right place, aiming to be Full Metal Jacket the comic book, but it just falls short by rolling out the standard anti-war clichés.

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