Isobel Campbell - CD review (4 stars)

Isobel Campbell

Milkwhite Sheets (V2)


No sooner has Isobel Campbell collected a Mercury nomination for her Mark Lanegan-assisted Ballad of the Broken Seas album, than she’s back with a new record. A significant departure from Ballad, it’s a collection of traditional and self-penned songs informed by Campbell’s recent immersion in folk.

Once you get over the fact of its supreme lightness of touch - a staple of Campbell’s style - it’s an immensely powerful effort. Although only a little guitar, mandolin, violin and percussion form the backdrop, Campbell’s voice is still soft enough to be almost overpowered at times. This ethereal nature is a benefit, though, with songs like ‘Willow’s Song’ (from The Wicker Man) and the teasing, vocal-only ‘Loving Hannah’ standing out.

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