Xiu Xiu - Captain’s Rest, Wed 14 Mar (3 stars)

Xiu Xiu - Captain’s Rest, Wed 14 Mar

Intense and delicate full band performance for Jamie Stewart's earnest pop project

Those who have seen Xiu Xiu’s past Glasgow appearances may be expecting songwriter Jamie Stewart to be accompanied by just one other musician, but the tour for latest record Always sees him flanked by a full band.

Opening on the gentle ‘Fabulous Muscles’, the band flit between more intense, almost Pavement-y guitar pop sounds, and the delicately weird and pained vocals for which Stewart is best known. The appeal of Xiu Xiu surely lies in the lyrical content, with lines from songs like ‘Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl’ and even new track ‘Smear The Queen’ picked up on by dedicated fans in attendance.

It is in his most personal, intimate moments where Stewart’s talent shines through, his pained, idiosyncratic delivery intense throughout the set. Silent between songs, stopping methodically to gargle water, he speaks only to say goodbye before ‘I Luv The Valley OH!’ delivers one final emotional blow to Xiu Xiu’s disarmingly loyal fanbase.

Xiu Xiu - I Luv The Valley Oh

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