Eat, sleep and breathe: Alabama Shakes

Eat, sleep and breathe: Alabama Shakes

The bluesy foursome's guitarist Heath Fogg talks us through his tour habits

A bluesy foursome from Athens, Alabama, whose swampy Southern rock has been getting comparisons to The White Stripes – if they were fronted by an emotionally overwrought Amy Winehouse/Beth Ditto hybrid. Jack White’s a big fan too, and just announced a US tour with them in May. Guitarist Heath Fogg talks us through the band’s on-the-road eating habits

What time is breakfast?


Tea or coffee?
Coffee, though [lead singer] Brittany likes chai.

Smoking or non-smoking?
Mostly non-smoking.

Sweet or savoury snacks?

What food do you miss when you tour?
Just some local spots from Athens. It has been fun getting to try so much new food in different spots throughout the world.

Who’s the best cook you know?
Jamie Oliver, we don’t really know him personally yet but would love to meet him.

What’s on your rider?
Mostly Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy drinks.

Which country/ city has the best food?
New York.

Do you eat out a lot?
Mostly eat at home.

Do you drink onstage?
Usually beer. Sometimes whiskey.

Alabama Shakes’ debut album, Boys & Girls is out on Mon 9 Apr (Rough Trade) and they play King Tut’s, Glasgow, on Wed 9 May.

Alabama Shakes - You Ain't Alone

Alabama Shakes

Raucous southern rock'n'rollers from Athens, Alabama.

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