Colette Thurlow of 2:54 - interview

Colette Thurlow of indie band 2:54 - interview

The indie singer/guitarist discusses sibling bandmates and significant influences

Like a louchely worn black leather jacket, moody guitar music will never go out of fashion – see 2:54 for proof on both counts. Having toured with Warpaint and The Big Pink since emerging a year ago, the London four-piece based around sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow will release their self-titled debut album next month. Singer/guitarist Colette took time out from a frantic first trip to SXSW to describe the band’s genesis.

‘Hannah taught herself guitar and then she taught me,’ Thurlow explains, ‘and we just started playing together for fun. We had a previous band – fast, punky, two-minute songs, kind of a my-first-band experience. After that Hannah just naturally started writing the songs that became 2:54. I stopped shouting and started singing.’

The band wear their influences on their sleeves – Colette’s vocals speak of PJ Harvey and Liz Fraser, while Hannah’s playing echoes alternative guitar heroes from Thurston Moore to Billy Corgan. Which makes some of 2:54’s recreational listening tastes slightly surprising. ‘The first album I bought, I think it was Now 27,’ reveals Collette. ‘I was really into R&B – I still am a massive R&B fan, TLC and stuff.’

As crowds have grown, confidence has followed suit: ‘We’ve been trying to build it up and not feel not terrified when we play.’ The Thurlows take reassurance from a powerful rhythm section in Alex Robins and Joel Porter – equal partners in the band, even if they don’t always share equal billing in photos and interviews with 2:54’s leading ladies. ‘It’s like a family atmosphere,’ says Colette. ‘The boys have a sibling quality like Hannah and I, so it really works.’

Captains Rest, Glasgow, Thu 5 Apr.

2:54 - Scarlet

2:54 and Chelsea Wolfe

Tipped sisters from London influenced by Queens of the Stone Age and PJ Harvey. Plus special guest Chelsea Wolfe, doom folk singer/songwriter and band from Los Angeles.

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