Five alternative Easter activies

Five alternative Easter activies

Photo: Kevin Kranzky

Bored of egg-hunting? Here’s how the rest of the world marks the occasion

1 Hunky Jesus Contest
The devout gather every year at San Francisco’s Dolores Park Easter Celebration to watch a pageant of men in loincloths carrying planks of wood. They are joined by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, ‘cross-dressing nuns-of-fun’.

2 Chairlifting
London’s merry band of Blackheath Morris Men celebrate Easter Monday the traditional way … by hoisting up a young maiden on a chair.

3 Eating an Easter Bilby
Australia’s answer to the Easter bunny is equal parts cute and terrifying. They also munch on chocolate versions to save the endangered species.

4 Torture Garden Easter Ball
The world’s largest fetish and body art club, in London, presents its Easter edition. Because nothing says Easter like a gimp mask.

5 Greek Orthodox Easter
Taking place a week later than the Easter celebrated in the UK, these chaps go all out with the gold-plating, candle-carrying and beard-wearing. You don't even need to go to Greece – see the video below for a Greek Orthodox Easter hymn conducted in New York.

Hunky Jesus Easter 2011

Blackheath Chair Lifting

Easter Bilby

Torture Garden EASTER 2009 SHORT VIDEO of the Fashion show - -

Xristos Anesti 2009!

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