Mother Ganga - Pineal Soup (4 stars)

Mother Ganga - Pineal Soup

Yahweh's Lewis Cook release of Scottish-accented chillwave-pop

(Instructional Media)

Lewis Cook’s first release as Mother Ganga was made mostly round at his girlfriend’s flat, in her bedroom. The 21-year-old’s calling it ‘electronic haze-pop’, and the wonky, chillwavey results (on a limited run of 100 cassettes) show up in time to make a good soundtrack to the sudden burst of early summer.

Buried beats, warped and gothy vocals, melted and bendy analogue synthesisers – it’s a lot less doomy than the stuff he’s been making with Glasgow’s Cosmic Dead – aka, ‘Scotland’s foremost Hawkwind tribute band’, but it retains some of their psych, kraut sounds. Only 20 minutes long, it’s seven tracks of Oneohtrixy, Com Truisey, space-straddling spectral-pop, with a vaguely Scottish-accented frill round the edges.

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