Lightships - Electric Cables (4 stars)

Lightships - Electric Cables

Teenage Fanclub's Gerry Love album of sun-soaked, blissed-out guitar pop


Gerry Love might have insisted on a band name for this new project, but the sound is all Gerry. Love’s contributions to Teenage Fanclub are invariably the understated gems, and so it is here with this sumptuous, trembling collection of sun-soaked, blissed-out guitar pop.

With members of Fanclub, The Pastels and Belle and Sebastian in tow, it’s a gentle ride, but often a mesmerising one, as tremolo guitars and soft flute lines interlink with Love’s coy vocals brilliantly. This is not a revolutionary record, more like a warm musical bath to soak yourself in, right up to the fading echoey, looping guitar riffs of gorgeous closer ‘Sunlight to the Dawn’. Excuse the obvious pun, but this is just Lovely.

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