Graham Coxon - A+E (3 stars)

Graham Coxon - A+E

Latest lo-fi gem from Blur guitarist delivers arch and ugly meditations


What need for Blur these days? While their will-they-won’t-they recorded reunion is a brand of comeback cock-teasery perfectly suited to the age of stone-bleeding revivalism, what will their eventual decision to just get on with it offer that Coxon and Albarn’s respective solo careers don’t?

This latest lo-fi gem from the guitarist sticks closest to the formula Blur devised during their fruitful mid-period – that is, shameless wholesale genre adoption (the krautrockin’ ‘City Hall’ and ‘The Truth’), arch and distortedly ugly meditations on copulation (‘Meet + Drink + Pollinate’) and shrieking Essex boy punk rockers (‘Running For Your Life’) – but at least their purchase won’t allow cheese-making bumpkin Alex James any more proceeds to fund his clearly desperate Greggs habit.

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