Roberto Fonseca - Yo (4 stars)

Roberto Fonseca - Yo

Pianist combines cutting edge jazz, lyrical poems and more clubby sound

(Montuno/ Jazz Village)

Hitherto dressed by number one French fan Agnès B, Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca literally strips naked to underscore journeying into the diaspora of his Afro-Cuban roots. As eclectic as ever, Fonseca walks a fine line between cutting edge trio jazz, lyrical poems and flirtations with a more high energy, clubby scene.

Beautiful collaborations with Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara and Assane Mboup among others are welcome. A consummate classical and popular pianist, Fonseca’s bold percussive style fused with wit, discipline and knowledge of the masters mark him as innovating the future of jazz, at home and abroad.

Roberto Fonseca "YO"

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