Toro Y Moi - June 2009 (3 stars)

Toro Y Moi - June 2009

Lo-fi pop trinkets and demos from chillwave pioneer


Chillwave pioneer and Carolina native Chazwick Bundick follows up last year’s second release Underneath the Pine with further lo-fi pop trinkets dating back to June 2009 (hence the title), which should be stacked alongside the likes of his pals Washed Out, Aerial Pink and Real Estate.

Originally released as a tour-only CD-R, there’s enough infectious melody on this repackaged artefact to keep the art school kids entertained, but there’s also an unnecessary amount of throwback chic piled on quickly. Once you step out of the forcefully retro nature of a lot of the guitar-driven tracks, there’s much more life to this release when Toro delves into a funkier realm, as heard on the keyboard and bass-driven grooves of ‘Drive South’ and ‘Talamak (first version)’. With that said, the less dancey and more introspective moments on ‘Warm Frames’ still pack some dreamy clout, but it’s a mixed bag from this still-rising prospect.

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