Seamus Fogarty - God Damn You Mountain

Seamus Fogarty - God Damn You Mountain

Dreamy, mesmerising folk music with Americana feel from Irish singer-songwriter

(Fence Records)

We’re beginning to suspect Fence Records have some secret laboratory in Fife where they genetically splice brilliant musicians to create new wonders. In the case of Irish singer-songwriter Seamus Fogarty, that would involve DNA samples from a James Yorkston nail clipping, a strand of Mark Linkous’ hair and some spit from Jason Lytle, maybe.

This is folk music that nods towards Irish tradition but with a dreamy, mesmerising feel all of its own; echoes of Scotland and rural Americana haunting everything. Loops, bleeps and shimmers interplay with banjo, guitar and violin to sumptuous effect and, while the stripped-down tracks in the middle display Fogarty’s songwriting chops, it’s the more experimental beginning and ending that really demonstrate an exciting talent.

Seamus Fogarty :: The Waterside

Seamus Fogarty :: Homegame Festival :: Scotland

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