Gary Husband - Dirty & Beautiful, Volume 2 (3 stars)

Gary Husband - Dirty & Beautiful, Volume 2

Features collaborations with range of the jazz-rock luminaries

(Abstract Logix)

Jazz-rock isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and tends to be sniffed at in critical circles, but when it’s done well, it remains an exciting facet of the contemporary jazz spectrum. Like its predecessor, this album features keyboard player and drummer Gary Husband in duo, trio and quartet settings with a range of the genre’s luminaries, including guitarists John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Robin Trower and Wayne Krantz, keyboard player Jan Hammer and Level 42 bassist Mark King. Husband revisits Hammer’s ‘Rain’ and Miles Davis’ ‘Yesternow’ (briefly featured on Volume 1, but expanded here) alongside new material.

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