Alexander Tucker - Third Mouth (4 stars)

Alexander Tucker - Third Mouth

English avant-pop artist's work is stirring, compelling and glorious

(Thrill Jockey)

Avant-pop druid Alexander Tucker has long ruled with his explorations of memory, mythology and landscape – from the experimental psalms and pastoral drones of Old Fog (2005), through the otherworldly psych folk of Furrowed Brow (2006), to the high-watermark of last year’s uncanny Thrill Jockey debut, Dorwytch.

Third Mouth sees the English artist cultivate brighter, lusher melodic pastures in a record that’s stirring, compelling and glorious. While the choral guitar psalm of ‘Sitting in a Bardo Pond’ goes some way to locating Tucker’s muse – as do the synth and cello drones, the primitive beats and the electronica – it’s the string-drawn psychedelia of ‘A Dried Seahorse’ and the title track’s encircling beauty that best illustrate, and illuminate, Tucker’s command of (un)earthly wonder.

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