Cheryl Fergison got 'Enders boot on 'happiest day'

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  • 22 March 2012
Cheryl Fergison

Cheryl Fergison

Cheryl Fergison got the boot from her role as Heather Trott in 'EastEnders' on the "happiest day" of her life

Cheryl Fergison got the boot from 'EastEnders' on the "happiest day" of her life.

The actress - whose alter-ego Heather Trott was murdered by troubled teenager Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) earlier this week - explained she found out she was being killed off the BBC One soap on the same day her Moroccan husband had been granted a visa to live in the UK.

She said: "It was an emotional moment. You got upstairs to see the bosses expecting the conversation going to be about storylines. Every time I went up I used to joke and say, 'I'm going up to get my P45' and this time it was true.

"That morning I'd had a phone call to say my husband, Yaz, had received his visa. We'd just got married and it was the happiest day of my life and then that afternoon I went upstairs and it was bye bye Heather! But that's life - happiness and sadness."

Despite her sadness at leaving Albert Square, Cheryl admitted Heather had been an "amazing character" to play during her five-year stint on 'EastEnders', but she finally feels as though she has got "closure" now her alter-ego's death has been played out on screen.

She added in an interview with ITV1's 'Lorraine': "I watched the episode with a couple of friends and it was really weird because it was closure for me. It felt odd sitting there thinking I've just been bumped off, but it's been a cracking week.

"It's the sadness about going and leaving all the friends I've made there and leaving Heather behind. She's been an amazing character to play for the past five years."

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