Electropop duo Uh Huh Her to play Arches

Electropop duo Uh Huh Her to play the Arches

The band consists of ex-Mellowdroner Camila Grey and ex-The L Word star Leisha Hailey

Let’s get it out the way: Leisha Hailey was in The L Word.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Showtime series (presumably you have been living under a rock on the outskirts of the lez community? Welcome. And get a boxset.), Hailey played quirky journalist Alice Pieszecki – never short of a quip or dating quandary, but certainly never in charge of a musical instrument.

Since the show ended in 2009, Hailey – previously part of 90s duo The Murmurs – has returned to her musical roots in indie/electro pop outfit Uh Huh Her alongside vocalist, guitarist, producer (and girlfriend) Camila Grey, a former member of lo-fi rock outfit Mellowdrone and experienced session musician for the likes of Busta Rhymes and Dr Dre.

‘When we started the band I thought a few people might have heard about it through The L Word, but the reaction was pretty overwhelming,’ Hailey says. ‘I knew the show was popular but I didn’t know that people followed all the actors individually to see what they were doing on the side. It took a while for the band to catch up to that, and prove itself as something other than this schticky side-hobby.’

The band released their debut album Common Reaction on Nettwerk in 2008 but split with the label shortly after, leaving them to personally finance 2011’s Nocturnes, their second full-length release.

‘It was frustrating because we were used to having a label behind us and things being very expeditious and always on time with people making sure that happens,’ Grey says. ‘This was kind of a crash course in how a record label works, so it just took a while to get all our ducks in a row.’

‘We’ve actually been making a new EP, mostly acoustic, of one song from each record that we have,’ Hailey says, promising that their output will be much more prolific now the requisite distribution channels are in place.

Arches, Glasgow, Sun 22 Apr.

Uh Huh Her

Electro indie duo from Los Angeles whose music (and one member, Leisha Hailey) has been featured on The L Word.

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