CBeebies Live brings TV stars to stage

CBeebies Live brings TV stars into the real world

Mister Maker, Mr Tumble, Postman Pat and LazyTown's Robbie Rotten star in live show

If enthusiasm could be bottled and sold, then Phil Gallagher would be a very wealthy man. Better known as Cbeebies’ Mister Maker, Gallagher has been creating works of art from bits and bobs in his ‘Doodle Drawer’ for the past four years. Endlessly excited about all his creations as Mister Maker, it comes as no surprise to find that Gallagher is equally buoyed up about the his first CBeebies Live tour.

‘It’s very exciting for all of us,’ says Gallagher. ‘Because we’re putting all our TV shows on a big stage. But what’s really important, is to still have that connection with the viewer. We want to reach the thousands of CBeebies fans who come to a big arena, but also make sure that each member of the audience feels like they’re being spoken to and sung to directly, just like they do at home.’

Gallagher will be joined on stage by CBeebies regulars such as Mr Tumble, Postman Pat, the ZingZillas and Mike the Knight. This time around, Robbie Rotten from LazyTown is causing mischief, and the cast needs its young audience to help put things to rights.

‘We want the show to be as interactive as possible, so we’re getting the audience involved right the way through,’ says Gallagher. ‘Robbie Rotten is upset because he thinks he’s the biggest star on CBeebies and has various plans to prove it. But we’re depending on our CBeebies friends to warn us when he’s up to his old tricks.’

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Wed 4 & Thu 5 Apr.

CBeebies Live!: Reach to the Stars

A chance to see favourite TV characters live on stage including Mr Tumble, Mister Maker, Postman Pat, Squiglet, ZingZillas and brand new CBeebies star Mike The Knight.

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