Engelbert Humperdinck: Nerves will help me succeed

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 March 2012
Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck thinks nerves will help him succeed at the Eurovision Song Contest in May by giving him an edge over his competitors

Engelbert Humperdinck thinks nerves will help him succeed at Eurovision.

The veteran signer will be the first performer on stage at the song contest in Azerbaijan in May and although he has enjoyed a long career in the music industry, he admitted he will be slightly apprehensive before he steps out on stage to represent England.

He told 'BBC Breakfast': "I've got the first position out of the box, first time in that position and I hope it's a good place to be. There are many nerves before every performance, plenty of nerves and the Eurovision will be no different.

"I hope I can pull it off, I'm going to do my best. You need to be a little bit nervous to give you that edge to pick you up and make everything work."

Engelbert - who divides his time between the UK and Los Angeles - is planning to spend the next two months practising the song as much as he can and the 75-year-old crooner has promised he will be word perfect by the time the competition comes around.

He added: "I'm going to take this song with me back to the States and I'll be performing it out there. I'm going to be performing it in eight concerts so I'll know it like the back of my hand by the time it comes to the Eurovision."

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