Tightrope dance piece fosters re-evaluation of who can and cannot dance

Tightrope dance piece fosters re-evaluation of who can and cannot dance

Indepen-dance reworking of AMICI show follows ageing circus troupe

Down on its luck, an ageing circus troupe sticks together in an attempt to survive. On paper, Tightrope’s storyline doesn’t sound like much fun, but in reality the work has been lauded for its wit and poignancy.

The show was originally created for London-based integrated dance company AMICI in 2010, by company founder, Wolfgang Stange. Featuring disabled and non-disabled dancers, who perform a range of circus skills, Tightrope has now been re-worked to include Glasgow’s Indepen-dance.

‘The beauty of working with another company is that they bring in their own personalities,’ says Stange, ‘so the production will become theirs within the structure of the existing piece. Working together has been a positive challenge that has enriched both Indepen-dance and AMICI, creating new artistic opportunities for both.’

AMICI first visited Tramway in 1990, helping to foster a re-evaluation of who can and cannot dance. ‘In the years since AMICI first appeared in Glasgow, there has been a steadily positive shift in people’s attitude towards performances with disabled artists,’ says Stange. ‘This sharing of artistic expertise is another development in bringing inclusive dance theatre to mainstream audiences.’

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 30 & Sat 31 Mar


Inclusive dance companies Indepen-dance (Glasgow) and Amici Dance Theatre Company (London) collaborate on this touching story of an ageing circus company that seems to be on its last legs.

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