Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans the subject of Common Guild Exhibition

Wolfgang Tillmans

The show promises to showcase the breadth of his artistic output

People have been making pictures for thousands of years, and 150 years ago the photographic process was added to that vocabulary. German-born, London-based artist Wolfgang Tillmans makes no distinction between a photograph and a painting, but he chooses photography to create his pictures and sees this medium as having a closer connection to the reality of the world.

In his exhibition at the Common Guild viewers will be presented with works from the Arts Council’s collection alongside a series of new works selected by the artist himself. As the youngest artist and first photographer to win the Turner prize in 2000, Tillmans started his career as a documentarian of his generation – especially that of the London club and gay scenes. Today he is known for his intimate portraits within manifold social landscapes as well as the way he references other image making and printing methods. He also pioneered a type of exhibition style that acknowledges the physical quality of the photograph by displaying these in a non-linear pattern, often unframed and instead pinned or taped to the gallery wall. Although this display method injects a temporariness that suits his scenes of everyday social situations, his classic, observing, and self implicating eye converts images of ubiquitous debris, and traces of human fragility, into iconic historical reference points.

Tillmans’ own selection of new works from his series ‘Onion’ and ‘Headlights’ ranges widely in both size and subject, and his exhibition guarantees to showcase the breadth of his artistic output.

The Common Guild, Glasgow, Fri 20 Apr–Sat 23 Jun

Wolfgang Tillmans: A New Installation

  • 4 stars

The first photographer to win the Turner Prize has his first solo exhibition in Scotland since 1995.

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