Review of Reviews - Human Don't Be Angry

Review of Reviews - Human Don't Be Angry

What we said and what they said about the debut album from Malcolm Middleton's latest project

What we said
‘While Malcolm Middleton’s solo lyrics are typified by self-deprecation, Human Don’t Be Angry’s vocalisms are more forthright, driven and loved-up.’
The List

What they said
‘Middleton is a master when it comes to this and previous work has always had a solid emotional power that taps right into your core.’
Glasgow Podcart

‘This is a brave album from one of Scotland’s most understated yet prolific songwriters. Unlike Middleton’s recent solo releases, HDBA a largely instrumental affair. But it’s a triumph alright.’
Insularis Records

'It seems that Mr Middleton is making music for himself at his own pace with his own ideas and his own destination in mind. Imagine that.'

Out now on Chemikal Underground.

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