Rupert Penry-Jones dislikes stripping on TV

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  • 20 March 2012
Rupert Penry-Jones

Rupert Penry-Jones

Rupert Penry-Jones hates stripping off for TV roles, and would rather portray an interesting character than a sex symbol

Rupert Penry-Jones hates stripping off for TV roles.

The 'Whitechapel' star - who has disrobed for many of his productions including 'Charlotte Gray' and 'Spooks' - doesn't want to rely on his looks forever and is more concerned with playing interesting characters than sex symbols.

He said: "I'm not about to turn down roles because they involve nudity. But, given the choice, I'd

rather keep my clothes on.

"You want to be doing something because you're a good actor, rather than because you look a certain way. You only get such parts for a while anyway, and I'll get less and less as I get older and my belly gets bigger."

Rupert, 41, constantly worries about getting work and hopes parts such as ruthless barrister Clive Reader in 'Silk' will help him to achieve longevity in his career.

He added in an interview with the April issue of Reader's Digest magazine: "All actors want to achieve longevity; to discover some means by which they can go on and on getting work. If I knew what that was, I could relax a bit, but I don't. When I don't know what my next job is going to be, the worry has kept me awake at night. You think your time might be up.

"My mum was recently talking about all these big names from her era And I'd never even heard of them. They were massive stars who just disappeared. I don't want that happening to me. That's why playing Clive Reader in 'Silk' is perfect. It's very much about what the character does, rather than how he looks."

The April issue of Reader's Digest is available to buy in shops March 22.

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