Coronation Street bosses consult police

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  • 16 March 2012
Andrew Lancel

Andrew Lancel

'Coronation Street' bosses consulted with Manchester police over the Frank Foster murder storyline in order to make it accurate

'Coronation Street' bosses consulted with police over the Frank Foster murder storyline.

Producers at the ITV1 show were so determined the scenes involving suspects being questioned over the brutal murder of the businessman - who raped his former fiancee Carla Connor - were realistic that they asked officers at Manchester's Criminal investigation Department [CID] to look over the script and make recommendations

A source told The Sun newspaper: "This is such a big storyline that we wanted to make sure that every little detail was spot on, so we have taken advice from the experts.

"Obviously these scripts are closely guarded so we've sworn the police to secrecy."

A 'Coronation Street' spokesman added: "We always work closely with experts in any particular field to make sure our storylines are realistic."

Suspects for the murder include Carla, her lover Peter Barlow, Carla's sister-in-law Michelle Connor, Frank's mother Anne and his former lover Sally Webster and her ex Kevin Webster and Andrew Lancel - who played Frank - believes they all have valid reasons for killing the businessman.

He previously said: "Frank's made a lot of enemies on the street for a lot of different reasons. He's been monstrous, horrendous.

"Frank dies, but who did it and why? You've got Michelle Connor - Frank has basically ruined her working life. You've got Peter Barlow - Frank is responsible for him getting back on the bottle, and Frank assaulted his beloved Carla Connor. With Carla, Frank has ruined and destroyed her life - and got away with it.

"Kevin Webster, who was married to Sally Webster, is discovering what this monster can do to Sally. And Sally has given her heart to this man and he's broken it in two. So they're all possible - all of them."

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