Emmerdale's Holly Barton in heroin overdose

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  • 15 March 2012
Sophie Powles

Sophie Powles

Former cocaine addict Holly Barton is set to overdose on heroin in 'Emmerdale' after trying to numb the pain of her father's death

Emmerdale's Holly Barton overdoses on heroin after trying to numb the pain of her father's death.

The former drug addict - played by Sophie Powles - is devastated following John Barton's (James Thornton) recent death and as she struggles to come to terms with the tragedy, she sees heroin as her only option.

Sophie told the Daily Star newspaper: "Holly thinks the only way to get over this is to make herself numb with heroin. She doesn't mean to overdose. She thinks she'll have one little bit and it'll make the pain go away."

However, Sophie believes Holly will once again become addicted to drugs once again after her previous struggle with cocaine.

She said: "People say once an addict always an addict."

Cain Dingle, who is hated by the Barton family after his affair with matriarch Moira (Natalie J Robb) caused the breakdown of her marriage, will come to Holly's aid and the Barton family will find it difficult to thank him.

Sophie has previously explained: "The Barton family find it very hard to swallow their pride and accept that Cain deserves their thanks but Holly is very defensive of him. It's a terrible time for the family, Moira just lost her husband and couldn't bear to lose her daughter too."

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