Central Station: Elliott Burns

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  • 14 March 2012
Central Station: Elliott Burns

ECA graduate fascinated with contemporary landscapes

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 Elliott Burns returned home to Hertfordshire so that he could gain experience working for London art galleries. Alongside these commitments he has continued to exhibit, showing pieces in London and Glasgow as well as contributing to a project for the European Commission merging new developments in IT science with young contemporary artists. Within the year he will be returning to Scotland where he can use his new experience to set up a small arts organisation working with graduate artists.

Elliott says of his work: ‘British landscape art has come to shape our national identity, so to understand this relation I have developed a two-sided practice. On one side I explore the countryside through traditional mediums of painting, drawing etc, working on old wooden floorboards to create rustic yet modern landscapes. This then facilitates an in-depth understanding of the environment, which I can feed into my more contemporary artworks.

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