Sally Webster left unconscious by killer

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  • 11 March 2012
Sally Dynevor

Sally Dynevor who plays Sally Webster

Coronation Street's Sally Webster will be left unconscious when she confronts Frank Foster's killer after his funeral next week

Coronation Street's Sally Webster will be left unconscious when she confronts Frank Foster's killer.

The factory supervisor - played by Sally Dynevor - comes across evidence of who killed her twisted ex-lover after attending his funeral alongside fellow suspects Carla and Michelle Connor and Frank's mother Anne.

Confronting the murderer with the proof, Frank's killer has no choice but to reveal all about the killing - leaving horrified Sally fearing for her own life so she tries to run away.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "The killer has no ­intention of going down for murder and has to stop Sally ­talking.

"It's the only way he or she can get away with the killing.

"A fight breaks out and it's Sally who comes off worse but whether the killer gets away remains to be seen.

"This storyline has had viewers on the edge of their seats for weeks.

"Sally was one of the ­initial suspects after her doomed relationship with Frank.

"He dumped her cruelly and humiliated her in front of the entire factory.

"She was also found kneeling over his body with blood all over her hands."

Carla and Michelle, Anne and Kevin Webster are all also in the frame for the murder but Weatherfield is set for a shock when someone else confesses to killing Frank.

Bookmaker Peter Barlow - who is portrayed by Chris Gascoyne - gets charged with the brutal murder after admitting the crime to protect his girlfriend Carla (Alison King).

Peter is in the frame after he told a restaurant full of people that he wanted the evil businessman (Andrew Lancel) dead, and he is also unsure of his whereabouts on the night Frank was killed.

Following Peter's confession to the murder, his estranged wife Leanne Barlow (Jane Danson) confirms his whereabouts on the night of the killing which leads to doubts about whether the bookmaker is telling the truth.

Chris said recently: "It's a straightforward confession to murder, so the police think they've go their man. When they go away to verify his story, Peter worries because he still can't be clear about exactly where he was on the night Frank was killed.

"Basically, he will do anything he can for Carla."

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