Chloe Sims furious over bad mother claims

Chloe Sims says she would "die" before letting anything bad happen to her daughter, and she is furious with people claiming she is a bad mother

Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims says she would "die" before letting anything bad happen to her daughter.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star was furious with people claiming she's a bad mother to her six-year-old girl, Madison, and says being a good mum will always be her priority.

Chloe - whose own mother walked out on her when she was just three years old - said: "I receive a lot of criticism, but I have spent all year trying to prove that I'm a good mother. A bad mum is my mum, who walked out on me when I was three and never came back, yet I am always with Madison. She is my baby and I would die before letting anything happen to her."

Chloe also revealed how she is much more concerned with Madison being happy, rather than how she looks.

Chloe - who had said she would support Madison if she wanted to get plastic surgery in the future - added to Reveal magazine: "The thought of Madison having surgery wouldn't even enter my head if I wasn't asked about it. She is a beautiful little girl who has a little button nose and big blue eyes, and I would hate her to believe I said those things.

"Madison is left-handed and struggles with her writing. That's what I worry about, not her looks. My concerns are also her safety and that she is fit, happy and healthy - just like any mother."


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