Batida - Batida (3 stars)

Batida - Batida

African-inspired electronica record that probably works best in a club setting


Having carved out a reputation for unearthing rare tracks of touchstone Latin musics, Soundway now champions hot sounds heard today on the streets of Luanda. Angolan/Portuguese DJ Mpula (aka Pedro Coquenão) creates electronic dance music based on samples of 1970s African classics that combine partying with social commentary.

Probably best experienced in the club setting it was designed for and born out of, the album has some pieces that work better on record than others: ‘Pronto Pra Batida’ evokes Zimbabwe’s Bhundu Boys; while ‘Saudade’s sensuously wistful melody entices. Other tracks stray into interminable repetition. Still, despite unevenness this is brave new music and Soundway deserves congratulations for taking the risk.

Batida - Alegria

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