Kate Humble leaves Springwatch

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  • 8 March 2012
Kate Humble

Kate Humble

Kate Humble has quit 'Springwatch' after seven years and Michaela Strachan is to front the show in her place

Kate Humble has quit 'Springwatch'.

The 43-year-old presenter will not return for the next series of the show - which she has fronted for seven years - but BBC bosses insist she could be back in future.

They said in a statement: "Kate is currently working on other projects for the BBC which means she is unable to present the next series of 'Springwatch'.

"Kate is still very much a part of the 'Springwatch' and 'Autumnwatch' team and presented out 'Winterwatch' special last month."

Martin Hughes-Games and Chris Packham will be joined by Michaela Strachan for the next series of the show.

The statement added: "We are delighted Michaela will be joining Chris and Martin."

Kate's departure comes days after Bill Oddie claimed he was forced out of the show following an undisclosed "incident" while filming in Dorset.

The 70-year-old former comic was shocked to be told in 2008 he would not be asked to return to the programme.

He said: "No one explained why. I started slipping into a depression that got worse."

He claimed his depression left the BBC "off the hook" as it means they could blame his health problems for his departure.

The BBC refuted the claims, saying: "Bill's well-being has been an important consideration. When we realised he was unwell projects were put on hold. Once he was well enough we could resume filming. He has done several projects since."

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