Reluctant hero Cain Dingle

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  • 8 March 2012
Jeff Hordley

Jeff Hordley

'Emmerdale's bad boy Cain Dingle will become a hero this week when he rescues Holly Barton after she overdoses on heroin

'Emmerdale's Cain Dingle will become a reluctant hero when he rescues Holly Barton after she overdoses on heroin.

The ITV1 soap bad boy - played by Jeff Hordley - is hated by the family after his affair with matriarch Moira caused the breakdown of her marriage but when he finds Holly collapsed after taking drugs to help her deal with the death of her father John, he rushes to help.

Sophie Powles, who plays Holly, told Inside Soap magazine: "Cain is quite reluctant to help Holly at first because he realises that his actions could be misinterpreted. He wonders if people will think he's doing it just to redeem himself. But in the end, Cain's instincts take over and he looks after Holly - he stays with her and makes sure that she gets to hospital.

"The Barton family find it very hard to swallow their pride and accept that Cain deserves their thanks but Holly is very defensive of him. It's a terrible time for the family, Moira just lost her husband and couldn't bear to lose her daughter too."

Sophie explained former drug addict Holly struggles against the temptation to take drugs after her father dies but ultimately gives in.

She said: "Holly struggles to cope because her dada had become her best friend. He was very supportive of her, gave her a job at the farm and was able to trust her again after drug addiction.

"It's a last resort for Holly and she goes fight the urge to take them. She has the drugs for a long time before she actually uses them. She's tempted on many occasions before she finally gives in."

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