Rob James-Collier wants Downton love interest

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  • 7 March 2012
Rob James-Collier

Rob James-Collier

Rob James-Collier wants his 'Downton Abbey' character Thomas Barrow to get a love interest

Rob James-Collier wants his 'Downton Abbey' character to get a love interest.

The 35-year-old actor plays gay footman Thomas Barrow in the ITV1 drama and while he is thrilled to be back for the third season, he is hoping the servant - who had an affair with the Duke of Crowborough in season one - will find a new romance soon.

When it was suggested that it is about time Thomas gets a lover, Rob told Radio Times: "I agree. But who knows? Maybe if [creator] Julian Fellowes reads this we can plant the message subliminally at the back of his mind."

Rob also claims the success of the show is down to Julian's writing and the talented ensemble cast, but modestly downplayed his own skills.

He said: "If you build it and it's good, people will watch it. There are myriad factors why 'Downton' is a success - Julian Fellowes is an Oscar-winning writer, Dame Maggie Smith is an Oscar-winner, the directors are visionary, the ensemble cast - Jim Carter, Dan Stevems, Michelle Dockery - with me right at the bottom."

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